Sabrina Dawn videos – “New Barbarians”

Name: New Barbarians

Director: Henri Pachard

Duration: 79 min

Year: 1990

Country: United States

Language: English

Actress: Nina Hartley,Victoria Paris,Sharon Kane,Tianna,Lauren Hall,Sabrina Dawn,Raven Richards,Natasha Skyler,Delilah Dawn,Michelle Monroe,Arcie Miller,Mia Powers,Amber Savage,Sheila Kelly,Teri Ambers,Lynn Bro,Kelly Rainey,Souxi Sax

Actors: Joey Silvera,Randy West,Jon Dough,Henri Pachard,Randy Spears,Eric Price,Cal Jammer,Wayne Summers,Dick Ranger

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A glowing crystal that causes sexual arousement as well as time travel is the centerpiece of this sexual sword-and-sorcery epic from award winning director Henri Pachard. Gorgeous Victoria Paris stars as the buxom amazon whose quest for the stolen crystal takes her from one sexual tryst to another-and eventually into another century! Don’t miss the first half of the most important adult feature of the 1990s!


Free classic lesbian porn in “Dick Tracer”

Name: Dick Tracer

Country: United States

Director: John T. Bone

Year: 1989

Language: English

Duration: 84 min

Actors: Joey Silvera,Randy West,Jon Dough

Actress: Misty Regan,Deidre Holland,Alice Springs,Kelly Blue,Sheila Kelly

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Bunny Bleu movies : “Gold Diggers”

Name: Gold Diggers

Director: Paul Lyons

Country: United States

Duration: 77 min

Language: English

Year: 1985

Actress: Bunny Bleu,Misty Regan,Jessica Wylde,Gina Valentino

Actors: Marc Wallace,Steve Drake,Chuck Martin,Rock Rome,Sunny Glick

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When a trio of gold digging young beauties hit Beverly Hills, things get hot in a hurry! The idea is that they’ll rent out a mansion, pretend to be rich themselves, and land some fabulously wealthy hubbies. But they don’t even have enough cash for the rent — a problem Misty Regan solves with a little sexy servicing of the realtor! Now the gals have a whole weekend to catch the guy of their dreams. The mansion becomes a constant whirlwind of upper-crust partying and sexual indiscretions, with everything from lusty lesbianism to feverish group gropes going on. It’s a non-stop blast of sheer erotic energy as the gals pull out all the stops to woo their wealthy studs! So come on down and join the fun!